[2023-1 Korea club] Farewell

5 Oct 2023
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The most difficult time at the Korea Club is when we leave our exchange friends, who we've become really close to during the semester. When they go back to our respective countries after the exchange student period, we always get together and have a Farewell party.

This event was a Farewell party where all the Korean clubs gathered together to say goodbye. We got together and wrote each other a rolling paper, which is an event where each person receives a piece of paper and the person next to you writes and passes it to the person, and the next person writes and passes it again and again. In other words, you can write a letter to everyone and get a letter from everyone.

And lastly, We went to the bar and talked about things we couldn't finish while drinking, and we said goodbye. Some of them cried, and some of them stayed up all night because they were so sad to say goodbye.

I think all the officers at the Korea Club are attached to each other and become unforgettable friends. 

We hope you join the Korea club and make unforgettable memories with us!

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